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Complaints and returns


We try to take into account all complaints and objections and react as soon as possible. Feel free to contact us via or Instagram page.

Complaints about damage in transport

Our shipments arrive by Bex courier service with a note about the fragility of the items. Please, if you notice damage immediately, report it to the courier upon delivery and report the complaint to us at within 12 hours of receiving the package so that we can react as soon as possible. All complaints related to damages are accepted and the new item is made by urgent procedure, but keep in mind that the deadline for delivery of the new item is 10 working days.

Product complaints

If you received the wrong product or a product that does not match the item image, please contact us at within 12 hours of receiving the package so that we can check and respond immediately. Also, please read the product descriptions in detail and carefully check the data you enter in the personalization fields. We will not be able to advertise the products if you entered the wrong caption by mistake. Also, keep in mind that knots and other types of irregularities on natural products are a feature of them, not a fault (eg knots on a solid wood box).


The return of inappropriate or damaged items is done via the selected courier service or post office as soon as possible after the return agreement. The product must be packed and protected during transport. You do not bear the costs of returning the damaged product or complaints yourself, but mark them as the cost of the recipient. The deadline for solving a complaint, whether it is in the form of a new product or a refund, is 10 working days.

Based on the provisions of Art. 13. and Art. 27. According to the Law on Consumer Protection (Official Gazette RS 62/2014), the product can be returned or advertised within 14 days of receiving the package.

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