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We are passionate fans of design, local production, fine craftsmanship, quality materials and brand creation. We enjoy every step that makes us who we are today and what we will become - design, production, packaging and sales. We are recognized as a brand with a specific aesthetic and for several years now, the first childhood memories are kept in our boxes, and our holiday collections are part of your homes and gifts to your loved ones. Thank you for recognizing and choosing us!




Ellie was created in 2018 as a small good idea - a hobby that you have recognized and supported over the years. Along the way, some great women appeared, without whom Ellie would not be who she is. Most of all, we are happy that Ellie has grown together with some small lives that have been born in the meantime. In fact, to be completely accurate, the little lives that the women behind this brand have had in the meantime. 💕 Thank you endlessly for supporting us, for trusting us and for your babies and families growing up with us.

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